Switching to ebooks

For years after I got out of college, I was able to relocate by throwing almost everything I owned into my Toyota Tercel. But even back then, my books were a problem – I usually shipped those.

But now that I have a Nook and Kindle, I’m ready to toss out some of my old books, starting with the ones that I can download free – some classics, religious texts, and books I must have read for my political philosophy classes. I didn’t think I would like the reading experience with ebook readers, but the Nook Color and Kindle Fire are just the right size (I can hold them in one hand comfortably), the displays don’t bother my eyes (as my eyes get older, and they weren’t that good to begin with, regular books, especially the cheaply printed “classics”, are really hard to read), and I’m running out of bookshelf space.


I might start ditching old textbooks next – I still don’t like reading book son the iPad, but for example, the latest incarnation of my old algorithms course from MIT is now free on iTunes U (I can’t believe that course is using more or less the original textbook – I took it in its first year when the LaTex formatted chapters where handed out fresh from the gigantic Dover laser printer).

And the last two computer books I purchased were on the Nook (Clinton Keith’s book on agile game development and a book on Unity). Those types of books are often difficult to find in a regular bookstore, and in both those cases I got the ebook on sale. However, ebooks often don’t incorporate diagrams or code listings well.

The last holdouts will be my graphic novel collection. They’ll take those over my sedentary body!